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back in the game.

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it’s been awhile. so here goes:

breakfast: 100-cal pack of oatmeal with a splash of of Silk French Vanilla creamer; two cups of coffee, both with Silk French Vanilla creamer.

lunch: about 3 oz of turkey with Bone-Suckin’ sauce.  soooo good. also 2/3 of a tiny sweet potato, baked into fries and dipped in ketchup. then i had about 1 T of s’mores trail mix, a bite of praline, and 5 little gingersnaps (about 50 cals). now i’m so sleepy.

snack: didn’t want the whole, messy grapefruit i brought, so i ended up with a handful of caramel popcorn from the breakroom.

dinner: at least a cup and a half of grapes, a medium salad with Annie’s Lite Gingerish dressing (cauli, cuke, purp onion, some green olives, and greens), and two medium bowls (total 1.5 cups probably) of some brothy soup i made.  also, about 4 gingersnaps and a few of my spiced nuts.

dessert: probably 1/3 c of s’mores trail mix, 1/4 c of yogurt with some puffins, and i’m sure some other things i can’t remember…  i felt like i snacked all night.


my birthday!

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i hate weird eating schedules.  and of all days, on my birthday, mom planned for us to have lunch at THREE.  so i’m trying to plan how to not get grouchy about it.

breakfast: i had a [measured] 1/3 c of Activia nonfat vanilla yogurt with some rum falvoring (!) and 3 pecan halves.  i also had 3 strawberries and two small cups of coffee with whole milk and a dab of peppermint mocha creamer in each.  it’s my birthday!  later, we’re going to Taverna, where i’ll probably get salad and pizza, and i will probably take an apple along for a snack…

feeling sickie.

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I went to bed last night feeling really terrible, and then today I feel like I am coming down with something. 😦  As a result, I’ve felt like I deserved more food, which isn’t true.  GOSH.  I hate it when I use food the wrong way.  But here goes the low-down.

breakfast: about 10 squares of puppy chow from the breakroom, a cup of coffee with soy, another cup from starbucks with peppermint and mocha in it (!), some hot tea at work, and a 1/2 c of nonfat plain yog with 1/4 c of canned pumpkin.

lunch: i didn’t eat til almost 2:00 because jim took me out!  aah!  i HATE getting off schedule.  i get really grumpy when meal times are late and out of my control.  but we went o the most amazing macrobiotic restaurant, where i had about 1 c of salad with unknown dressing (raw, vegan, gluten-free), about 1 c of posole, a thick, brothy soup, and then a plate they served me with a serving of kale and a T of some sort of yogurt sauce on top, 3/4 c of garbanzo bean hash, 1 c of roasted veggies (carrots and squash with slivered almonds).  it was huge!  but i didn’t feel full…

snack: i ate my big cameo apple right when i got back, then also had coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, a piece of peppermint taffy, and about 5 more squares of puppy chow.  oh, and a tiny little gingerbread cookie!  gosh.

dinner: a pecan half and a cashew and a carrot. half a roasted cabbage, with some roasted purple onion and a few roasted shittakes, dipped in ketchup.  no, it was good. then i had some fresh cherries and on the way to mom’s, i had about 1/3 c of kashi heart 2 heart with about 2 T of chocolate chips and some more fresh cherries.

dessert: it’s the holidays, okay.  so i had way too much fruitcake and a whole mint chocolate chip cookie from aunt lez and about 3 strawberries.

three pounds.

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I somehow have managed to gain three pounds this week.  I’m crossing my fingers that it’s my period.  It is TIME.  But I want to be extra careful about my eats over the next couple of days before my birthday and Christmas!

breakfast: out of oatmeal, when i stuck my hand in the box this morning. so i had to stop and get a special K meal bar, which was all they had at the convenience store. it was 180 cals.  i also had about five fresh cherries and two cups of coffee.

lunch: a tiny sweet potato, about 3/4 c of fresh cranberries, and a bunch of purple onion, roasted in cookin spray.  also a carrot in matchsticks and a cup of fresh spinach with mustard.  dessert: 1/2 c of puffins.


okay, i feel ill.

dinner: about four sweet potato fries, half a cup of creamed spinach, a huge spinach salad with grapefruit, half a cup of quinoa, an ounce of turkey, and some vinaigrette.

dessert: about 8 cherries, a sugar cookie and a half, some candy Mary brought home, and four gingersnaps.  also, hot tea.

best day ever.

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i got up this morning motivated to clean, and i cleaned the whole house top to bottom for like 2 hours.  then i had…

breakfast: a slice of ezekiel bread with a little butter, some canned pumpkin spread on top and a whole ideal packet. mmmm… also, some coffee with soy.

lunch: sweet potato fries with ketchup, about 2 oz of turkey, and some carrot sticks. little dessert was caramel popcorn

snack: i took a glorious nap and didn’t really get hungry, but i had a handful of puffins.  then i made spiced nuts and had probably 200 cals worth of those.  also, i had a taste test of pecan pie and a taste test of olive oil on a cracker with goat cheese at central market.  THEN i had some cherries after i went to the store.

dinner: spaghetti squash with marinara and a huge spinach salad with grapefruit, purple onion, celery, gingerish dressing, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of goat cheese.  yum!

dessert: haven’t decided yet.  may make some hot tea and have a cookie.

today so far.

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i had my log run today and have been feeling pretty down and angry today, so when i found myself unexpectedly at home for a while because lexia called, i just started eating!  i haven’t done that in a long time.  but i had for breakfast:

1/2c of nonfat yogurt with 1/2 t of Barney Butter and 1/4 c of canned pumpkin.  but then i ate more canned pumpkin…probably 1/3 c…out of the can.  and i had about 1 c of grapes. and a dried mango. and a bite of caramel popcorn. and a raspberry. ha. oh, well. i hate out of control snacking, but at least i know how it was triggered and that it’s emotional.


lunch: sweet potato fries with organic ketchup, two florets of steamed cauliflower, and some raw veggies.  and i think a handful of puffins.

snack: more puffins, half a frosted sugar cookie, a few pistachios.

dinner: 1/2 c of quinoa with sauteed purple onion, cranberries, shittakes, and celery.  also about eight brussel sprouts, steamed.

dessert: a dish of chocolate pudding (fatfree sugarfree) with a bunch of dark chocolate chips.

yesterday. friday.

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breakfast: coffee and half a frosted sugar cookie in 100-cal oatmeal pack.

lunch: nicks of chocolate frosting and banana bread, 2 c of romaine with parmesan and 1 t of caesar dressing, then a whole other salad with smoked turkey, shittakes, celery, carrots, and lime.

snack: apple, puffins, square of peppermint bark.

dinner: probably 12 tortilla chips and salsa and 1/2 a chicken fajita salad shared with mom at super taco. half a glass of red wine.

dessert: a slice of fruitcake, an americano with whole milk, and a square of peppermint bark.

and we’re off!

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breakfast: cup of coffee with soy, 1/2 c of nonfat plain yogurt, and 1/4 c of pumpkin with splenda.

am snack: cool whip and strawberries off of a piece of birthday cake.

lunch: two cups romaine with parmesan, 3 croutons, 1/4 c of pasta milano, two bites of lasagna, a small hunk of bread, and 1 tsp of caesar dressing.

snack: 4 puffs (about 40 cals), a triscuit (20 cals), about 5 pieces of pineapple, a slice of apple, a hunk of honeydew, 1/2 t of spinach dip, a whole apple, and a square of peppermint bark.  wow!

amazing birthday dinner by mary: a whole naan pizza with cheese, olives, turkey, peppers, mushrooms, and jalapenos.

dessert: a whole poached pear with vanilla bean cream glaze and puff pastry!  i am STUFFED!!!!!

also, i’d like to mention that i did ellipt for 5.5 miles.


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I thought I lost yesterday’s post.  it had dinner on it, too, but I’m way too tired to recreate.  suffice to say, yesterday was not my proudest day.  BUT it feels like it was years ago, so who cares?  it’s in the past.  on to this looooong day.

breakfast: a very small heel of what must have been a smashed loaf of pumpkin bread with walnuts. also a cup of coffee with soy and another with gross non-dairy creamer powder.

lunch: nightmare of the running-out-of-food-at-Springdale Christmas lunch.  i had one bowtie from the pasta milano, some nicks of frosting from the cake, half a small piece of zucchini bread,  a chunk of bread the size of my fist dipped in red sauce, and then i had my yogurt i’d packed for breakfast: 1/2 c nonfat plain with 1/3 c pumpkin.

snack: americano with whole milk and an apple.

dinner: at least 15 croutons, 2 cups of romaine lettuce, a drizzle of full-fat caesar dressing, and a bunch of parmesan cheese.  then i caved and had a couple of bites of bread dipped in olive oil and about 1/4 c of pasta milano.

i did some speedwork at the gym for 3.5 miles.

dessert: 3/4 c of peanut butter puffins with 1/3 c of soy milk and a mug of gingerbread tea.  mmmm…  also a few grapes.

first christmas party down!

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breakfast: 100-cal oatmeal with half a pumpkin pie creamer (20 cals) and a pumpkin spice coffee…and another cup of coffee.  and two strawberries.

lunch: HUGE Italian feast: 1/2 c of pasta milano with cream sauce, a small rectangle of lasagna, and a huge thing of Caesar salad with lots of croutons and parmesan and a little caesar dressing.  then the top of the chocolate cake (frosting!) and four chocolate covered strawberries and a yogurt pretzel.  i am sooooooooo full now.

*edit* snack: i really think that days i eat more, i just keep on eating more.  i don’t compensate and then eat less the next meal.  for snack, i didn’t just have my apple. oh no, i also had half a frosted sugar cookie (a little birdie backend).