friday fun.

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 at 4:50 pm

this is gonna be a DAY of food fighting/festivity.  so i got up at 5:00 and went and ellipted for 3 miles.  THEN i had a nibble of cranberry-pistachio bark to make sure it’s okay, you know.  and i had two cups of coffee with 40 total cals of cream.  i also had a big grape and a wedge of grapefruit at central market on an errand, and then came back and had my 1/2c of nonfat yogurt and 1/2c of pumpkin puree.  get ready, get set for a HUGE shower lunch coming up, complete with enchiladas and cake!!!!!!!

*edit*: wow. lunch. i had a big scoop of romaine sprinkled with chicken bits and black beans, a couple T of guac, about a cup of the coleslaw i brought with lite dressing, half an enchilada, a few cherry tomatoes, a celery stalk, a T of spinach dip, about five fritos with 1/4 c of avocado pico de gallo, 1/2 a chocolate waferish cookie, and about 2 T of frosting off the slice of cake they gave me.  oh, and i had about four pieces of pineapple, a couple pieces of melon, and some grapes.  i am STUFFED.

*dinner edit*: so i had a couple of small handfuls of caramel corn and a small plate of cut-up fruit, and a bite of bark.  then i had a bowl (about 1.5 cups) of chili, kinda greasy.  i had a square of dark chocolate with orange, and then another on a half a graham cracker with a marshmallow.  then i had some decaf with some heavy whipping cream (!) and a marshmallow.  and some more bark–probably 2 more squares.  all during this, i had 1.5 bud lights.  i felt a little anxious about how much i was eating, but was trying to just be low-key and not controlling.


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