sunday long-run-day.

In Uncategorized on December 15, 2008 at 3:10 am

breakfast: two cups of coffee with 50 cals of creamer. 1/2 c of grapefruit juice, and a handful of puffins.

lunch: about ten tortilla chips with salsa at Super Taco, and half a chicken fajita salad shared with Mom (about 4 oz of chicken, iceberg, tomatoes, and a sprinkle of cheese with salsa on top.

snack: apple, handful of grapes and Heart2Heart cheerios.

dinner: six shrimp with cocktail sauce, 1/4 c of corn and 1/2 c of edamame.  some more grapes.  a little raw cauliflower. a nibble of pistachio bark.  three pecan halves.  a bite of cookie.  a handful of Heart2Heart (1/2 c).

dessert: sugarfree fatfree white chocolate pudding with 1/3 c of pumpkin and two gingersnaps! yummers.


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