back in the game.

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2008 at 4:15 pm

it’s been awhile. so here goes:

breakfast: 100-cal pack of oatmeal with a splash of of Silk French Vanilla creamer; two cups of coffee, both with Silk French Vanilla creamer.

lunch: about 3 oz of turkey with Bone-Suckin’ sauce.  soooo good. also 2/3 of a tiny sweet potato, baked into fries and dipped in ketchup. then i had about 1 T of s’mores trail mix, a bite of praline, and 5 little gingersnaps (about 50 cals). now i’m so sleepy.

snack: didn’t want the whole, messy grapefruit i brought, so i ended up with a handful of caramel popcorn from the breakroom.

dinner: at least a cup and a half of grapes, a medium salad with Annie’s Lite Gingerish dressing (cauli, cuke, purp onion, some green olives, and greens), and two medium bowls (total 1.5 cups probably) of some brothy soup i made.  also, about 4 gingersnaps and a few of my spiced nuts.

dessert: probably 1/3 c of s’mores trail mix, 1/4 c of yogurt with some puffins, and i’m sure some other things i can’t remember…  i felt like i snacked all night.


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